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Mother Butter's Yellow Butterfly Popcorn Kernels

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Mother Butter's Yellow Popcorn Kernels are perfect for popping at your leisure! Our kernels are Non-GMO and Gluten Free. They are perfect for a healthy snack!  They are grown to make the best popcorn you can make. It's the same kernels gourmet popcorn shops use. 

Yellow Butterfly Popcorn is good because it's light and fluffy, and can take on whatever flavor you want to cover it in. Chicago popcorn is made with lot's of flavor. When making Chicago popcorn, use yellow butterfly kernels for making cheese popcorn or caramel popcorn. Our non-gmo kernels make you confident you're getting the best popping kernels. 

Popping popcorn at home is a lot of fun! If you can make Chicago popcorn at home, that's even better. Use Mother Butter's Movie Theater Popping Salt with our kernels for best results. The great thing about making your own popcorn, is the endless possibilities of flavors.