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Mother Butter's Real Butter Popcorn Topping

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Mother Butter's Real Butter Popcorn Topping is a shake-on natural butter flavor that transforms your popcorn to the next level. This is a concentrated butter topping that will put your homemade popcorn over the top! Just shake on your pre-packaged, stove-top, or microwave popcorn and enjoy!  Only 45 calories per serving! 

Butter popcorn is a favorite of almost every popcorn eater. Butter and popcorn are a perfect food match. Popcorn pairs great with a lot of different flavors. That's the great versatility of popcorn. Butter popcorn is very rich and delicious snack. With Mother Butter's Real Butter Popcorn Topping you get real butter popcorn taste with  low calories. Butter popcorn at the movies is pretty great. Sprinkle Mother Butter's Real Butter Popcorn Topping and you'll get that delicious movie theater butter taste. Popcorn Toppings can really make your popcorn or any snack better. 

Since Mother Butter's Popcorn Real Butter popcorn topping is made all natural, you can add it to almost any food. Butter Topping is made for everything to make your food taste better. Add it to vegetables and side dishes. Maybe a baked potato?  Butter popcorn is our vote anytime. Make popcorn and sprinkle it with our butter topping for the best butter popcorn anywhere, anytime. 

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