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Mother Butter's Popcorn Gourmet Cheddar Popcorn

$13.00 - $69.00
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Our Gourmet Cheddar cheese popcorn is a delicious Wisconsin cheddar cheese melted and smothered onto our mushroom popcorn. Our cheese is gluten free and kosher dairy. We also use Halal cheese. Gourmet cheese popcorn is made from a blend of rich cheeses, and you'll know it when you try our cheese popcorn. 

Chicago popcorn is usually referring to Cheese popcorn and Caramel popcorn mixed together. Having a great cheddar cheese popcorn that can stand on its on is important. Mother Butter's Popcorn cheddar flavor is unlike other store brands cheese flavor popcorn. We use real cheese, and lots of it. It's the perfect amount of cheese, and salt. 

We use mushroom popcorn for our cheese popcorn. Our cheese popcorn needs a big kernel to handle the large amount of cheddar cheese we use. You'll be happy when snacking on our cheese popcorn. We want to make sure we deliver the best cheese popcorn. We want to make sure we make the best Chicago popcorn. We hope you'll try our cheese popcorn or any flavor popcorn of ours. Thank you.