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Mother Butter's Popcorn Da' Mix Popcorn

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Da’Mix is our scratch made Caramel Corn made from premium ingredients, and our premium Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese popcorn mixed together for a delicious Chi Town tradition! It’s the #1 Choice! This is Chicago favorite popcorn flavor. The perfect balance of sweet from caramel corn and salty from the cheese popcorn. 

Cheese and Caramel popcorn mix has many different names. The most popular is "Chicago Mix"; the term "Chicago Mix" is trademarked by Candyland in Minnesota. Mother Butter's Popcorn calls our cheese and caramel popcorn Da'Mix. Da'Mix is for Da'Best city in the world! Cheese popcorn and caramel popcorn is addictive once tried. You'll have to decide if you like them equally, of if you prefer cheese popcorn or caramel corn more. 

Chicago popcorn is made with love and Chicago popcorn is made with big flavors. We hope you'll try our Da'Mix popcorn and hope it will become your favorite snack. We take pride in our Chicago popcorn. We try and make it the best every batch we make.