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Mother Butter's Cheddar Cheese Popcorn Topping

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Mother Butter's Cheddar Cheese Popcorn Topping is made from Real Cheese and is perfect for topping your popcorn! Shake-on your stove-top and microwaveable popcorn for that Real cheesy taste! No artificial colors or flavors! 

This popcorn topping is perfect because it's made from real cheese. It's a popcorn topping you won't be able to get enough of because of its great taste. Real cheese popcorn topping is our customers favorite because you can add that real cheese taste to your popcorn at home or wherever you enjoy your snacks. 

We make delicious Chicago popcorn, but it's ok if you want to sprinkle some more cheese on your popcorn.....we won't judge. We believe you should eat any flavor popcorn, any way you choose. Mother Butter's Real Cheddar Cheese Topping will definitely make it better. Popcorn tastes better with cheese. Popcorn toppings add a kick to your popcorn or favorite snack.