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Introducing Mother Butter's Real Butter Popcorn Topping!

Introducing Mother Butter's Real Butter Popcorn Topping!

Posted by M. Tetuan on 8th Nov 2020

Mother Butter's Popcorn and Confectionary now has available it's own Real Butter popcorn topping! Use for when enjoying stove-top or microwave popcorn at home....even use on that boring pre-packaged popcorn to transform into a delicious snack!  It's only 45 calories per serving and all natural! 

Mother Butter's Real Butter Topping is an all natural butter seasoning that is made from real butter. It's concentrated so you don't need to use a lot. It doesn't contain any artificial colors or flavors. For just $3.99 per shaker, it's a great deal for a lot of butter flavor. Use on all your snacks and veggies! 

Mother Butter's Popcorn is committed to manufacturing and providing the best popcorn and snacks that you can purchase. Please visit for our full line of products.  or  Buy Now