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Best Popcorn in Chicago

Best Popcorn in Chicago

Posted by M Tetuan on 27th Nov 2020

Chicago Style Popcorn

So what is Chicago’s love affair with popcorn? Maybe it’s stretches way back to the late 1800s when Charles Cretor designed and patented the first steam driven popcorn popper machine that popped corn in oil; an invention he displayed at the Chicago Worlds Fair. Fast Forward to current day and Garrett Popcorn Shops, Nuts On Clark, and The Popcorn Factory are the biggest players in the game. All of them probably will agree that cheddar cheese popcorn and caramel corn are the most popular flavors.

The caramel and cheese mix, known as “Chicago Mix” but the term is trademarked by Candyland in Minnesota, is truly the most requested flavor at Mother Butter’s Popcorn. One factor of its popularity is definitely the sweetness of caramel corn and the salty cheddar cheese popcorn. Chicago popcorn takes it once step further by making sure the cheddar cheese is slathered all over each kernel and not lightly coated like a typical cheese popcorn. The caramel corn is a rich and deep flavor. Real Chicago popcorn doesn’t go light on flavor. Chicago popcorn is made with love. 

Garrett Popcorn Shops or Garretts Popcorn is the most well known Chicago popcorn name. Garrett popcorn sells Garrett Mix. Nuts On Clark calls it Cheesecorn and Caramelcorn. The Popcorn Factory has it but it also has butter flavor mixed it and it’s called Cornfusion. If you pay attention to your local snack aisle, you’ll notice all the big brands selling a cheese popcorn and caramel popcorn mix. It’s definitely a big flavor combo wherever you are eating popcorn.