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50/50 Fundraising


Mother Butter's Popcorn and Confectionary is proud to present our "50/50" Fundraising Program. "50/50" means we'll split 50% of the profits of each fundraiser, with each participating school or organization. 

"50/50" also means that Mother Butter's is an equal partner with our participating schools and organizations in their fundraising drive. Your goal becomes our goal. We want to help our participating partners raise as much money as possible. Sharing 50% of the profits helps get towards those goals! 

Our "50/50" Fundraising Program let's you sell a variety of Mother Butter's Popcorn flavors, chocolates, and gummy bears. It's the highest quality popcorn and sweets, and your customers will see the value, and will be happy to donate to your fundraiser. It's free to signup, and a great way to raise the money you need.


Contact us below for more information.